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Are you looking for Samsung, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola, or Nokia phone repairs? We have parts in stock

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Need to add more memory, LCD screen replacements, or your having other hardware problems stop by and we'll take a look!

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We see camera lenses on iPhones, Samsung, HTC, and other cell phone devices broken through wear and tear. Most part in stock!

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We are the only full service cell phone repair and custom shop in Reno, NV. Open 7 Days a week. "Don't Stress, Call the Best" is what we say. If you where told "it CAN'T be fixed" Bring it to us! We can fix issues others can't. CELL PHONE REPAIR & CUSTOMIZING WITH THE HIGHEST QUALITY SERVICE & PARTS YOU CAN GET!
We at Reno iPhone & iPod Repair have fixed and customized thousands of iPhone, Samsung, HTC, and many other model devices! We also service iPads, tablets iPods of all generations and many other devices. We service the local Northern Nevada and Truckee areas with superior service, use only the best quality parts. We have most iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung and HTC parts in-stock and can service your iPhone and/or Smart Phone and tablet the same day.

When it comes to gadgets and gizmos, we love all things tech. one thing that you should not do is confuse our passion for snobbery. We fix all electronic devices such as phones, tablets, PCs and even your gaming consoles. Whether you accidently dropped your iPhone from your pocket while boarding the bus or a train or your tablet took a painful journey in the toilet, you should not worry. We know exactly how it feels and can understand the traumatic experience you might be going through when you see your precious device being broken.

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Many mobile network companies lock mobile devices to their networks so that they cannot be accessed by any other cellular networks other than that of theirs. One cannot also use any free network sim cards in their phones if they have bought a phone that is locked with a particular mobile network to be able to use your locked.
In most cases lint can be the issue. Every time you plug in your charger any lint that may be in the charge port will get pushed to the bottom. This will build up over time and will prevent the charger from going in all the way. This is a very common issue for Apple's lighting charger devices. iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus are the most effected by this because of being in your pocket. If you are experiencing this issue bring your iPhone in for a FREE charge port cleaning.
If your screen is cracked and you are able to still use the phone then just the outer layer of glass is cracked. If your screen is cracked and your screen is not responding to your touch then both the outer glass and digitizer are cracked. When your screen is cracked and/or you can no longer see the picture or home screen then the LCD is cracked or damaged.
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