Dominoes Pizza "DRU" Reveal
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Will Dominoes Pizza start using Robots and Drones for Delivery?

It’s true, minimum wage has been on the rise these past few years. That’s great for people! However; our US economy still has plenty to be hungry about. Some companies are already thinking about a way to keep operation costs down.

What’s cheaper then paying a hardworking high school kid $15.00/hr? A robot that will deliver pizzas for $15.00/week!

Dominoes Pizza Concept Drawings

Dominoes Pizza Testing First Robotic Delivery System

We don’t know for sure if this is Pizza Giants motive here in the US, and this Robot is under Dominoes Pizza Australia’s watchful at at the moment. So will the US even see this pizza technology on our shores? We don’t know, but with the way politics are going these days it could be sooner then later.

Here in the US Dominoes pizza has their $5.99 deal, and that gets our families business every other week or two. Dominoes Pizza has always been on the forefront of Pizza Technology in my opinion. Their Dominoes Pizza App (Pizza for Apple) and their online ordering process is light years a head of the rest of the pizza world. Picking your pizza making theme with music and dialog is kinda fun…

Dominoes Pizza "DRU"

So when we saw the robotic Pizza Delivery system got a green light for testing in Australia we knew they were for real. Check out this development video they published online:

It sounds like “DRU” will be sidewalk surfing down the streets for local delivery Down Under soon. If it passes all the major tests with 100% accuracy it could get put into production. We are looking forward to seeing the results as live beta testing is happening right now.

Once we hear more from Dominoes Pizza we’ll keep you posted!