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Do I need a New Sim Card for my New Phone?

Short Answer? No… (See Video Below) There are cases when a new sim is required, but there are also times when you can just cut your old one down to size!

Do I need a New Sim Card for my New Phone?

The other day I was inquiring about insurance on a Samsung Galaxy 6S. The unfortunate incident happened while I was at the local watering hole one night. That’s the end of the story because that is all I remember. I put my phone in my pocket, paid my tab, and remember unlocking my bicycle to get home.. Then there is a lapse of about 15 minutes.. I came to a few blocks from my house no worse for the wear. At least I thought.

Looking for my mobile device the next morning I realized that it did not make it home with me. Calling the Cantina proved useless. In fact it sounded like the girl on the other end knew exactly what happened, but she failed to indulge me with any details.

At any rate, after my pride of loosing a $700 phone had recovered I put in a claim. My phone was lost (or stolen..) after all and that’s what insurance is for. I had an older Samsung Galaxy S5 lying around luckily which I would use until the Edge returned. This is when I ran into the cell network scam of a life time. $15 for a sim a new sim card? Ok.. Ok.. My old phone hadn’t been used for a while, but it would not fit back into the insured phone once it arrived. Why? Because the sim would be to big. The newer sim cards are great because they “break down” in a sense. The break away design allows them to get smaller depending on the sim tray they will be fitting into (but they will not get any bigger FYI).

So I paid the money… Had this new sim card in my old phone, and when my new phone would arrive I could simply break it out of it’s outer shell if you will and drop it into the micro sim trey. Done.

Then more Crazyness…

My wife wanted to use the new phone and for good reason. She hasn’t had a new device in some time, and why should I get another chance at it when I’m constantly loosing things (plus she paid the deductible). Point taken.. But her sim card is to big. I’m not paying another $15 for a different sim so she can use the phone… Then the search lead me to the following video:


If you get some time we enjoy Lou on the Unbox Therapy Youtube Channel


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