Water damage can cause problems with the internal circuitry of your phone or other devices that can leave it unusable and damaged. If you have accidently dropped your phone in the toilet or your kid has spilled water on your device, the option is to troubleshoot your cell phone for any damage.

If the phone works like before after you have cleaned it, it is great. But, if it hasn’t, it is time that you bring the phone to us so that we can take a look at it. We will diagnose your device and tell you whether or not it is recoverable and offer the best solution for your problem. We shall make every effort to restore your device from the water damage. Even if we are unable to save your phone, we have the necessary skills to retrieve all important information that you might need from your device so that you can transfer it to device.

Liqid Damague Repair

Liquid damage repairs very and need to be evaluated to determine the extent of the damage.
Ultrasonic cleaning is included on every Liquid damage repair.

What to do if your device gets wet.

  • Remove Battery if Possible
  • Do Not Try Charging Device
  • Do Not Use Heat to Dry Device
  • Bring Phone to Reno iPhone iPod Repair ASAP

Liquid damage repairs are some of the most challenging and extensive
repairs to preform. We have a success rate of over 80% when it come
to technical liquid damage repairs.

When repairing any phone or iPod the device must be completely
disassembled and thoroughly checked for corrosion and component

Liquid Indicator Location
Here is where the liquid indicator are located on iPhone 3G
/ 3GS and iPhone 4 / 4S The indicator should be completely
white no (pink or red) coloring.


Cell Phone in Water