Apple Watch & Samsung Gear Repair

With the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear paired to your cell phone you can control a number of different apps and respond to alerts. You can even make calls without removing your phone from your pocket. Your music library is now on your wrist for easy access. However; these devices are susceptible to elements a bit more often than your phone is. Water, accidental contact with tables/chars, or getting caught on clothing.  This is why Apple Watch Samsung Galaxy Gear Repair in now available at Reno iPhone iPod Repair.

Apple Watch Repair

Apple Watch Repair is a similar process as cell phone repair. Diagnose the problem, order any necessary parts required, apply the repairs, and testing the device for full functionality. We can also apply any customization you would like such as a new strap or screen protectors. Reno iPhone iPod Repair can take care of your Apple Watch Repair in a timely manner so you can get back to enjoying your wearable tech.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Repair

The Galaxy Gear has a number of different models on the shelf. Samsung has been leading the way with their wearable tech, and show no signs of slowing down. While sharing similarities in function with the Apple Watch the operating system is completely different. Again, parts will be ordered on a job by job basis.

Fit Bits and Other Gizmos

There is also a large number of exercise tracking devices that pair with our telephones. They track steps, sleep, as well as a number of other physical movements. The most common repair needed for these devices are charging ports. Constant use through normal wear and tear can cause the power source connection to lose contact. Come by or contact us and we'll find out if we can get the parts for your particular device.



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